Photo of Jeff Carr Videographer

Sam Jorgensen, b. 2023,

Based in San Diego County, California, USA


Sam Jorgensen is a San Diego County-based visual artist who has been devoted to the arts and to videography and photography since the age of 14. He began his artistic training at an early age combining his love of skateboarding and capturing moments with visual images. Sam continued his studies with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from the University of Minnesota- Duluth. 

With this background, Sam's work is inspired by the relationship between art, music, and the world around him. Working mostly with video and photo, he creates digital and analog storytelling pieces. Sam has fused his love for both art and marketing eloquently. 

 Sam is a proven digital storyteller, marketer, and artist. he has participated in various art exhibitions in the Greater Duluth Area, has sold works nationally, worked for a variety of production crews and freelance for a variety of projects and companies. 


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